One world

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This map is not really so much a map as it is three views from space of our beautiful and somewhat endangered planet. In each of the views – and they’re side-by-side – there is a slight turning of the globe so that one sees a different part. This map or this spectacular view of the Earth from three different vantage points was produced by a company called Raven Maps. Raven Maps in the last twenty years or so has made some of the most sumptuous, colorful, and beautifully-rendered maps. This one, again, not really a map, but three views of the Earth is a beneficiary, of course, of the fact that we now have the ability to look back at our planet from space and see it through entirely new eyes.


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Title: One world

Contributors: Allan Cartography (Firm), Raven Maps & Images, Stuart Allan, Karin Kunkel

Call Number: SMITH I-32

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