North America

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This is a map of North America by a cartographic business called Allan Cartography, based in Bedford, Oregon. It is quite recent, within the last twenty years, and benefits from the fact that we’re now able to see the entire continent from space. The map does not have any particular man-made features indicated on it. It’s simply a map showing the native earth that is comprised in the North American continent with gradations of color reflecting those portions that tend to have significant rainfall and therefore are green and those portions which are dry and are therefore depicted as a yellowish-brown. It’s large, very large, and immediately makes a statement, and, I think, gives one a sense of the overall sweep of this magnificent continent that we are privileged to live on.


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Title: North America / map prepared by Allan Cartography, Medford, Oregon, with assistance of Dr. A. Jon Kimerling, Department of Geosciences, Oregon State University

Contributors: Allan Cartography (Firm), Raven Maps & Images, A. Jon Kimerling

Call Number: SMITH IV-16

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One world

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This map is not really so much a map as it is three views from space of our beautiful and somewhat endangered planet. In each of the views – and they’re side-by-side – there is a slight turning of the globe so that one sees a different part. This map or this spectacular view of the Earth from three different vantage points was produced by a company called Raven Maps. Raven Maps in the last twenty years or so has made some of the most sumptuous, colorful, and beautifully-rendered maps. This one, again, not really a map, but three views of the Earth is a beneficiary, of course, of the fact that we now have the ability to look back at our planet from space and see it through entirely new eyes.


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Title: One world

Contributors: Allan Cartography (Firm), Raven Maps & Images, Stuart Allan, Karin Kunkel

Call Number: SMITH I-32

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