North America

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This map is a map called “North America” that was made by a mapmaker named John Tallis in, um, 1851. Tallis was well known for the high quality of his engraving work and also known for the, uh- the ways in which he would illustrate various features of the subject of his map. So, in this particular case we have a wonderful collection of images: uh, images of the indigenous peoples of the north, Eskimos you might say, in the very top. Off to the right, images of, uh, beavers, the beaver having been a major economic force in the development of the Americas because their pelts were so widely, uh, desired. Pictures of travelers and explorers. Pictures on the left-hand side of Indians next to their teepee and a magnificent buck, uh, on the left-hand side as- as well. Tallis also has a unique border – very delicate, very attractive. And all together, this, uh, beautifully colored map makes a nice impression.



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